Castile Soap

Castile Soap

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Just Restocked!!!

Castile Soap comes from one of the oldest forms of soaping originating in the Castile region of Spain. Olive oil used to be the only oil you could get your hands “Castile Soap” was born!

These Castile bars are free of chemicals just like all of our other bars, but these bars are specifically made for those with the MOST sensitive skin, and yes we’re even talking lady parts!


Our Castile Soap Bars are only made with one oil, Olive - the most sensitive of them all. No butters, no fragrance, no additives except for Colloidal Oatmeal. Due to this, please keep in mind that your “lather” will not be bubbly like normal bars. It will instead be thick and creamy, almost gel like.

We have been patiently waiting for these bars to release, since there is only one oil - they can take 6-12 months to fully cure! Now the time has come to send them off to new homes!


Ingredients include : 

Saponified Oils of Olive, Aloe Water + Colloidal Oat meal

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