Happy Bits Feminine Balm

Happy Bits Feminine Balm

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Do you suffer from "the worlds most sensitive lady parts"? We know many who do, this shop included!

Sure, this is a super uncomfortable thing to talk about - but if you knew how many other women are also a part of this club, you'd be shocked!

The creator behind the balm is one of those women. And for YEARS it has been a struggle to get some form of relief after adult time, during periods, razor burn from shaving, after kids, after work-outs, anything that would throw off your PH levels. After some conversations with doctors, who only want to offer steroids and pills, we took matters into our own hands and created a balm for your most sensitive of all skin areas. We been testing it and even have others who have been testing it, and after careful and overly sanitary creating - we are happy to get this amazing little balm into your hands and onto your soon to be "Happy Bits"!

If you have ever used our healing balm, then you are familiar with its ingredients, we took those and made them more safe for the Vulva by removing the essential oils (all but a few drops of Tea Tree, since it has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties) and adding a few extracts to help with relief of itching, burning, tearing, chafing, and all around pain from just about all of natures evil PH messing games! We also added Neem Oil for its ability to enhance elasticity, and heal cracks caused from dryness. Chickweed (another secret ingredient) Extract for its ability to reduce itching and inflammation that are caused by rashes, wounds, sores etc.

Goldenseal root is actually been used as a healing herb for many many years as it's known to reduce vaginal pain and swelling and even period problems, and even more - has been used to treat Herpes Blisters, and Cold Sores (another form of Herpes)

Needless to say - We've done our research, we've talked with Obstetricians, and we've tested entire batches on many women, but.... We aren't doctors and we ask you seek advice from your OB if you have other vaginal concerns un-phased by natural remedies.

We just hope we can help you get back to a normal healthy Vaginal PH Balanced life soon!


Ingredients include :

Aloe Vera, Herb Infused Avocado Oil (Plantain, Comfrey, and Calendula), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Tamanu Oil, Neem Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Beeswax, Locally Farmed Honey for a Natural Probiotic, Calendula, Chamomile, + Goldenseal Root Extracts, and a few drops of 100% Plant Based Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Customer Reviews

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Lori Higgs
Good stuff

I purchased Happy Bits based on a review by a lady who had a condition that I have. I had never heard of this condition before I was diagnosed with it, Lychen Sclerosis. So I purchased it, and it does work. I threw the otc feminine itch products away and ordered a 2nd Happy Bits. The otc didn't work anyway.

Let’s be blunt!

Ok ladies...let’s be blunt! If you have itchy lady parts this product is for you!

For years I have suffered from an auto immune disease called lichen sclerosis. Basically, my skin cells are fighting against each other and cause major flare ups at times. Crystal recommended I try happy bits and I am very pleased! I am still using my OTC medication but in between, happy hits really does do the trick!

I also use this after shaving to ease any bumps!

So amazing!!! Please give this a try!

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