Sea Salt Body Scrub

Sea Salt Body Scrub

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**Please Note - During the summer months we do  NOT like to ship out Salt Scrub Orders but we understand you want that soft summer skin.

Our Salt Scrubs will melt at 76 degrees and the coconut oil will leak no matter how we pack them or how many time we write “keep upright” on the shipping boxes.

Please make sure if you’re placing an order for Salt Scrub that you are A) aware this can make for a decent mess in your order with the oil leakage, it’s not a massive amount but we have no control of how the package is handled once it leaves our possession so it could be minimal or it could be a good amount that seeps out from the seal and/or B) you select local pick up if you are within driving distance and can schedule a pick up with us.**

We will only carry 7oz and 4oz size jars due to not being able to get the 16oz jars any longer.

Our made to order salt scrubs are available in several fragrances - including Essential Oils! They each come in 7oz or 4oz locking lid bail jar with a wooden spoon for scooping.

Questions about any of the fragrances? Give us a call, text, or email and we will be happy to answer! Custom Scent requests for all size scrubs are available, just give us a ring or shoot us an email or text!

Our Coconut Oil and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt - non chemical - no preservatives - exfoliating scrub will make your dry skin a thing of the past. You should notice that your tight, dry, itchy skin is gone immediately after your first use! Our exfoliating scrub only needs to be used 1-2 times a week and a little bit goes a LONG way!

Please use caution during and after using our scrubs in shower or bath, this product contains oil and will leave a slippery residue and typically washes away after the next shower/bath, a simple dawn scrub down will wash it away as well. This product is not intended for your face due to the harshness of the salt - but if you choose to use on your face, avoid your eyes.

Keep lid closed when not in use, DO NOT add water

Our Salt Scrubs have about a 1 year shelf life.


Ingredients include :

Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, + Fragrance or Essential Oils 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karisa Voss
The best scrub ever!!

I tried this before and went to try others and came back to this! It’s the best!!

Nothing like it

What a self-treat! Now my hands match my baby's soft skin lol! No kidding, my family does notice. My feet feel like that after-pedicure feeling. I use on my legs on no-shave days and I can skip a shave bc my legs get so soft. The scrub isn't harsh, it's just enough to feel good. So I use it on my décolletage too and the moisture is spectacular.

Exfoliates and so so soft

I bought this scrub to try out for my dry skin. To be honest, I love to use a scrub on my face a few times a week. This is simply AMAZING! My face is so so soft. I paired it with the day cream (go to face care) and haven’t felt so smooth. I also used it on my feet after a foot peel and man oh man! No trip to the nail salon needed!(get the cuticle cream In nail care for those icky nails!)

10/10 recommend! Love this product!!!

Body scrub

I bought a body scrub at the Fairfield elementary school winter event 2019 and I fell in love with the product. Made my skin feel soft and amazing. Just bought 2 more large body scrubs will purchase more in the future. Thank you for helping me find something natural and works well.

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