Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

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Need a little pep in your morning? Try adding Coffee Scrub to your morning shower! Pair this with our Coffee Soap and you won't even need actual coffee after (We're just kidding, coffee is life!)

Did you know that fresh coffee grinds on your skin has been known to dilate blood vessels, which can then tighten the outer tissues of the skin helping with wrinkles, cellulite, and even stretch marks?!

You know by now, we don't mess around when it comes to skin care, right? Well - you need to add this to your life right now and see for yourself how happy your skin will be when you give it this delicious skin food!


Ingredients include :

Fresh Espresso grounds from Coffee Cup Overflowing in Hamilton, OH. Coconut Oil, Coffee Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Sugar, + Fragrance Oil (Vanilla Bean + Caramel Macchiato)

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