Dish Soap Block

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Tired of the plastic waste from repeatedly buying bottles of dish soap from the store?

We now have 2 zero waste options for everyone!

These 100% Organic Coconut Oil blocks are made a little differently than traditional body bars. We make these blocks with a superfat of 0 so that there are ZERO free standing oils left behind on your dishes (that would usually be there to moisturize your skin and not leave it drying because coconut oil alone is pretty darn drying!)

How do you use these? Glad you asked! Simply grab a sponge, dish cloth, or palm brush - get it wet, lather up on the block and wash away! You’ll want to give your dishes a real quick rinse to get yucky things off first but other than that, when you rinse away the suds - you’re left with a squeaky clean dish! Did we mention they smell Devine!?!? Kind of makes you WANT to do dishes by hand!


Ingredients include: Saponified oils of Coconut, Distilled Water, Essential Oils 

The Lime + Orange dish soap are a new, improved and permanent formula. They contain Lime Juice and Citric acid to keep “soap scum” from forming on dishes.

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