Sam Adams Craft Beer Bars

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We have an early surprise for you!!! Sam Adams Beer Soap is available on our website now! Not all are here though, sadly - Sam Adams loved them so much, they took 2 loaves for themselves to sell in their taproom and left the rest for those of you who couldn't make it to our market day, or who can't get down to the taproom in person.

We hope you love the line up of Sam 76, Boston Lager, and 513 as much as we do. These will be hard to part with being our top 2 fav breweries of all time!


Ingredients include :

Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive, Avocado, Vitamin E, Castor, Kokum + Shea Butter, Sam Adams Craft Beer, Oatmeal, Hops, Kaolin Clay, and can include Micas or Root Powders for color, and Fragrance or Essential Oils

513 is scented with "Dragon Milk" - a Beer a Bourbon FO

Boston Lager (Blue) is scented with "Dragons Blood" FO - earthy and smooth

Boston Lager (white swirl) is Unscented

Sam 76 (darker) is scented with Ginger and Orange EO's

Sam 76 (lighter) is Citrus EO's

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