Solid Perfume and Cologne

Solid Perfume and Cologne

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Tired of wasting most of the perfume you spray on you, or more so around you? Or accidentally inhaling said perfume when you spray it too close to your face? Or how about even making the dog, the cat, the kids, and the spouse sneeze every time you spray it on??? 

These are real issues for real people wouldn’t you agree? 

To avoid this, we now offer a solid option for both men and women! Our scents have been hand picked after hours of sniff tests and mixing fun! We decided on about 6 Essential Oils and 4 Fragrance Oils  for the perfume, and 2 Essential Oils and 3 Fragrance Oils for the Cologne and combined them for something 100% unique and out of this world!

Each 1/2 oz zero waste container, since you can reuse however you see fit after, will last longer than most standard perfumes (based on daily usage)

The best WILL get all the compliments with our Perfume and Cologne, so order yours now and never go back to regular perfume again!

How do you use it? it up, lightly rub some onto your finger, and place it wherever you wish to have your scent be! Reapply as needed, but it will last the majority of your day depending on how strong you want it to be!

Ingredients include : Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Kokum Butter, and Handpicked one of a kind EO + FO Blends 

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