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 Have you ever found that ONE bar of soap that you wish you had so many more of?

We have you covered!

"Why order a custom loaf when I can just get a bunch of different ones?" - Glad you asked! By ordering custom loaves, you not only get a per bar discount, but you also get a free bar* on us! You can choose from a small 4 bar loaf (smalls do not get the free bar with purchase) or a medium 16 bar loaf (and it will come with a 17th bar at no extra cost, because these tend to not be smooth and pretty since they are the “end of the loaf”)

**Please note, our free shipping over $75 does not apply to custom soap orders**

*Free bar is included in the loaf purchase - you only pay, at a discount, for 16 of the 17 bars in the order*

Available customizations but are not limited to:

Liquid/Milks: Beer, Coffee, Goat, Coconut, Hemp, Butter, Oat, and even Breastmilk (must be YOUR breastmilk)

Additives: Colloidal Oatmeal (by default unless noted, oatmeal is in every bar), Mineral Mica (we have all the colors), Fragrance (if we do not have one in stock we can usually get in 1-3 weeks depending on shipping time with companies), Salt bar or no salt bar, and botanicals (in the soap, or just on the top)

Style: This is the fun part! You can give us free reign, or you can tell us exactly what you want! 

Be sure to have a look at all of our past soaps on our Instagram page for reference, or if you have something fun in mind that we haven't done yet -let's do it! average custom styles are Drop Swirl, Multi Color Layers, Corner Swirl, Rainbow, Ombre, or just plain! 

Attention Businesses....Need MORE than what we have here? Did you know we offer wholesale? All businesses with a valid Tax ID are welcome to place orders and get price reduction per bar vs just ordering online one at a time. Please contact us directly for pricing options or see our wholesale page for ordering (must have a valid Tax ID)

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