Healing Balm

Healing Balm

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Got dry, cracked feet? Eczema flare ups? New scars to heal? Psoriasis? Fighting with a baby butt rash that is just never ending? Athletes foot? Heat Rash- or any rash in general? Then look no further than right here! We personally use this balm on ourselves, our children, and even our dog for her paw irritation from constant licking! It's completely chemical free and all natural and has helped out our entire family in so many ways, and now we are ready to share this amazing balm with you and yours!

**Please note, we are not physicians or dermatologist, and the above statements are based off of personal experience and research. Our product guarantees no magic healing of certain skin issues.**


Ingredients include :

Lemon Balm/Calendula/Nettle infused Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea/Kokum/Cocoa Butters, Vitamin E, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Essential Oils (Lavender, Dark Patchouli Lemon, Tea Tree, and Chamomile)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Love this small business. Products are exceptional and products are ready for pickup the next day or sooner.

Best product ever!

Love this product so much! As a landscaper, my hands are always dry and cracking. This product makes it all better! Amazing product! I will never go without it.

Miracle in a tube!

If I could attach a picture to this review I would. What I will tell you is I was burned by a popping ember from a fire pit on my boob. After two weeks of a gross healing process I whipped out the healing balm and put it to work. Two weeks ago it was still very red and tender. Today, it is barely noticeable! I do still have a very light red spot but the intensity of it is very much gone! If you’d like to see a before and after picture I’ve sent them to Crystal.

This product is amazing! I now use it in every single “boo boo” and anytime I have a little rash. When I say it is a miracle I mean it! Amazing product! You won’t regret buying this!


This stuff is AMAZING! With washing hands ALL THE TIME nowadays, this stuff heals up the dry, cracked knuckles overnight!!! My husband also uses it on his psoriasis!!!

So many uses!

This balm gets used on our whole family! From butt rashes, eczema, excessively dry hands, cuts, burns - it heals them all in no time!

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